Dwayne Johnson is one of our most bankable and lovable action stars — whatever he does, you’ll be there. And his next project definitely sounds like something we want to see without even knowing the plot: Alpha Squad Seven, which is described as a sci-fi action comedy, was recently involved in a bidding war between studios, with DreamWorks ultimately scoring the rights.

According to THR, DreamWorks emerged victorious in the bidding war for Alpha Squad Seven, a film that’s pretty much guaranteed to rake in some serious cash by combining buzz words like “Dwayne Johnson,” “space,” “action” and “comedy.” The plot details are being kept fairly secret at this time, but some of the films said to inspire the project were Independence Day, Guardians of the Galaxy and Armageddon — and now that whole bidding war makes even more sense. “It’s like Marvel’s Independence Day as directed by Michael Bay and starring Dwayne Johnson — imagine a human version of Groot with a giant space gun!” Sold!

Obviously, the intention is to turn Alpha Squad Seven into a franchise of some kind, as all things must be potentially viable franchise-starters because who needs a movie that stands on its own anymore? The film is being co-produced by Johnson along with Beau Flynn, who previously collaborated with the actor on Hercules and the upcoming San Andreas.