Rumors about a sequel to David Cronenberg's 2007 film 'Eastern Promises' have been circulating for a few years now, but it seems like this is one of those times when rumor is about to become fact. 'Eastern Promises 2' looks like it's actually coming together.

Not only that, but Vulture reports that stars Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassel look pretty definite to return (the latter is still in negotiations but Mortensen is apparently locked) as, respectively, Russian mafia driver/undercover agent Nikolai and idiot underboss Kirill.

The plot revolves around Kirill thinking that he's now inherited his father's crime empire, without realizing that Nikolai is working for Russia's federal security service to bring him down.

Best of all? Cronenberg himself will come back to direct, making this the first time he's done the follow-up to one of his own movies. The script is by Steven Knight, who wrote the original, so this is a case of the band really getting back together.

Of course, the one small snag is that both Cronenberg and Mortensen are pretty busy fellows these days. But Mortensen plans to fit this into his schedule early next year, after finishing 'The Two Faces of January', so it seems likely that Cronenberg is doing the same.

'Eastern Promises' wasn't exactly a blockbuster, but it was one hell of a crime film and provided us with one of the strongest, ballsiest (pun fully intended) performances ever from the great Mortensen. Here's hoping that he, Cassel, Knight and Cronenberg cam live up to that promise again.