Though it starts shooting in a month, we haven't heard too much about the casting for Edgar Wright's 'The World's End.' Sure, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are in it - it is the supposed final chapter of their Cornetto trilogy - but the trio have often scored some great British actors for their supporting cast. Now they've added a Bond girl.

The Daily Mail has reported that Rosamund Pike has joined the cast, one guesses as the ostensible love interest for Simon Pegg, though what her part is was not made clear. Pike was cast as the secondary Bond girl (which if you know your Bonds, makes her a bad person) in 'Die Another Day' and that began a career that was filled with lesser pictures like 'Doom' and 'Fracture.'

But people seemed to spark to Pike again after a great turn in the Oscar-nominated film 'An Education' and she'll be seen later this year in 'Jack Reacher.' Like a number of actors, she got a big break, but that break didn't lead to great work. She kept working, and though she'll appear in films like 'Johnny English Reborn' and in 'Wrath of the Titans,' she proved to be an interesting presence on screen. This is likely the first of many casting announcements for the film, and we'll keep you posted as the ensemble rounds out.