The 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow, known to confused home-video purchasers by the title Live. Die. Repeat., ended its MC Escheresque plot structure with one twist more. Our valiant heroes Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt fought through wave after wave of alien invaders, and though they both lost their lives in the process, they bested the final boss. But as Cruise lay dying, the queen’s blood got on him and ported him back in time yet again, this time somehow to a past where the alien menace has already been beaten back. The weird timeline tampering left some viewers scratching their heads, but that film’s writer Christopher McQuarrie has plans for them.

McQuarrie took to Twitter to assure his viewing public that the upcoming sequel, titled Live Die Repeat and Repeat because apparently they don’t want people seeing this movie, would bring clarification to that final scene. Though McQuarrie himself will not take a screenplay credit on the new film, he’s still involved in a creative capacity, and he promised ‘complete sense.’

To McQuarrie’s credit, he distanced himself from the sequel title as well. Imagine looking an usher in the eyes and saying, “Two for Live Die Repeat and Repeat, please!”

Director Doug Liman has yet to announce a release date, or even a start-of-production date, but for the small cult of fans that have sprung up around this well-reviewed sleeper, any news is good news. It being Monday morning, give yourself a minute’s break and enjoy the following gif of Emily Blunt getting up from a push-up.

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