Everyone has seen 'The Avengers' by now, right? Fans are already going back for their third, fourth, fifth viewing as it continues rocketing toward the top of the all-time box office chart. But one person hasn't seen it yet -- and he doesn't sound like he's in any rush.

Actor Edward Norton has been in France at the Cannes film festival, where he's promoting the Wes Anderson film he's starring in, 'Moonrise Kingdom.' You may recall that Norton played Dr. Bruce Banner and his large green alter ego in 2008's 'The Incredible Hulk,' but did not return to the role for 'The Avengers.' Instead it was taken by Mark Ruffalo, whose performance has been widely acclaimed as a show-stopper and one of the movie's best elements.

So when Hitfix asked Norton if he had gotten a chance to see 'The Avengers' yet, he said he hadn't, adding, "It just isn't very important to me."

Hitfix's reporter, Drew McWeeny, wrote in his piece that Norton's answer wasn't nearly as dismissive as it looks, and in fact Norton did have kind words for his successor, saying, "Mark is like a brother to me. Besides, he's got two kids, and I'm really happy he gets to have this moment with them."

Now, this may all be sincere and Norton may simply have other things to do that are taking up his time, but we would not be that surprised if he doesn't want to add the price of his ticket to Marvel's bottom line. After all, his split with the studio over 'The Avengers' was not exactly a friendly one.

The scuttlebutt back then was that, as he did on 'The Incredible Hulk,' Norton reportedly wanted a chance to work on the 'Avengers' script, but Marvel -- with so many characters and egos on the line -- was not interested. The studio's initial announcement that Norton would not appear in 'The Avengers' made no small dig at his ability to work in a "collaborative spirit," which induced a brief war of words between the studio and Norton's agent.

Norton himself handled the fracas with grace, and it appears that all parties have indeed moved on, but what do you think? Could seeing 'The Avengers' still carry a little sting for Norton that he wishes to avoid?