Often independent films can look like a simple one-note premise that feature a name (often from TV) or two there to make it something that might get a theatrical release. Lynn Shelton's 'Your Sister's Sister' is not that kind of movie. Done in her improv style, the film casts Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass and Rosmarie Dewitt in a love triangle of sorts. Check out the trailer...

The film played - and played well - at Sundance this year and will be hitting theaters (and likely VOD) on June 15. Shelton is best known for 'Humpday,' which also stars Mark Duplass, and was one of the best independent films of 2009. In fact, it was one of the best films of that year.

Here she's got some bigger names to play with, and it looks like they enter into her highly improvisitory style quite easily. The film is about a semi-love triangle, about best friends (Blunt, Duplass) who never sealed the deal and the tension that comes when Duplass's character has had sex with Dewitt, Blunt's sister. Where this sort of drama might be unappealing, Shelton - as she showed in 'Humpday' - knows how to walk the line between interesting and maybe a little creepy. She's a master at keeping things honest.

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