Variety reports 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson has signed on to star in Sofia Coppola's next film, 'The Bling Ring'. Based on the true story of The Burglar Bunch, a group of wealthy and spoiled Hollywood teens who broke into and robbed the homes of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Orlando Bloom, presumably as a result of sensory-overload-induced boredom from all that stuff they already owned.

And who better to make us empathize with wealthy young folks than Sofia Coppola, whose films 'Lost in Translation,' 'Marie Antoinette,' and 'Somewhere' all take affluent people and show us that beneath all the luxury and frivolity they're human and have feelings just like us heathen folk.

Coppola will write and direct the film, though there's no word on when production officially begins. The title 'The Bling Ring' refers to the teenage heist organization, not a dope piece of custom jewelry that kills every rapper who wears it seven days after purchase.