If you're eager to have your senses shattered, your nerves fried and your very sanity hacked to pieces, then this will brighten your day: The 'Evil Dead' remake is being released earlier than expected! Find out when after the break!

The bloody good news was brought to us from the Twitter account of Mr. Bruce Campbell himself, star of the original 'Evil Dead' and producer of the new version. Aided by a picture of star Shiloh Fernandez going hogwild with a chainsaw, Campbell dished out the following: "The world cannot wait. The Evil Dead remake launches one week earlier! 4/5/13. You demanded it - you got it!"

The April 5th release slot was just vacated by Twentieth Century Fox's Sandra Bullock-Melissa McCarthy comedy 'The Heat', leaving 'Jurassic Park 3D' as the only major opener. Obviously Sony saw that as a more appealing option than its previous April 12th date, which also sees the release of 'Scary Movie 5'.

The gore-soaked remake of the horror classic was recently revealed to have been slapped with an NC-17 by the MPAA. Though it has been cut to receive an R (and hence a theatrical release), it's still looking like one of the most icky, sticky, flat-out disgusting wide-releases we've seen in many a moon. Groovy!