The eagerly anticipated (and for many fans, dreaded) remake of 'Evil Dead' premiered at SXSW last night, where it brought down the house and earned rave reviews. When the cast and crew took the stage for a Q&A following the screening, director Fede Alvarez told the pumped up crowd exactly what they wanted to hear: Yep, an 'Evil Dead 2' is already being written.

'Evil Dead' doesn't even open for another month, but Sony seems confident that audiences are going to demand more cabin-based demonic dismemberment after seeing this one (which they're literally marketing as the scariest film ever). Based on the buzz coming out of this first screening, that seems like a wise choice.

There already was an 'Evil Dead 2' back in the day, a sequel to Sam Raimi's original 'The Evil Dead' that transformed star Bruce Campbell into a cult sensation. However, Alvarez seems to have made a point to strip all of Raimi's goofy humor from the new film, so we can expect a very, very different 'Evil Dead' sequel.

'Evil Dead' opens on April 5th.