The 'Evil Dead' trailer is finally here! Fans of the upcoming film who attended New York Comic Con this year already got a taste of it during the 'Evil Dead' panel. And technically so did we, as this footage was leaked online thanks to one audience member's illegal video recording shenanigans. Keeping in mind that that version got pulled from the web, here's the official, higher-quality 'Evil Dead' trailer.

'Evil Dead' is a remake of the '80s horror flick of the same name, which followed five friends vacationing in a wooded cabin and unknowingly released flesh-possessing demons. Also, if you remember, one of the more disturbing scenes -- other than the poor, poor quality of some of the special effects (including one shot of a full moon, which literally had a box around it denoting a poor cut-and-paste job) -- was one of the female characters getting attacked by a rapist tree.

We got a first look at one of these demonic entities in the new remake a while back, suggesting that the levels of CGI, costumes and effects have been upped... oh yeah, and the level of gore. In the first 'Evil Dead' teaser trailer, revealed by IGN, there's not much of a reveal in terms of plot, but if you're looking for something to send shivers down your spine, it's definitely worth a look.

The film hits theaters in the spring of 2013, but until then, here's the first 'Evil Dead' trailer.