Time travel and horror don't cross paths nearly as often as they should, especially when you consider that there's probably nothing more horrifying than finding yourself literally unstuck from when you are supposed to be.

The upcoming '+1', which premiered at this year's SXSW Film Festival, looks to scratch this particular genre itch. Set at an over-the-top party where something goes horribly wrong with the timestream, the film looks very much like the kind of thing you'd want to watch at midnight in a crowded theater. We have a few exclusive images from the upcoming IFC release that you can check out below!

Directed by Dennis Iladis (who is best known for the 2009 remake of 'The Last House on the Left,'), '+1' follows a group of college-age friends who attend a wild party, have the best/worst night of their lives and somehow find themselves caught in a time loop, sharing the house with themselves from a few hours previously. The trailer sells a movie that looks like 'Timecrimes' for the Millennial generation, a twisty and creepy look at ordinary people in an impossible situation who have to come to terms with the implications of their bizarre new predicament.

The new images show off the film's wild and crazy party setting as well as the young cast, including Ashley Hinshaw and Rhys Wakefield. Of course, a few of them hint at the danger inherent in the film's plot -- you don't stage a dramatic scene in front of a wall decorated with swords unless you want to make sure everyone knows you're not kidding around.

'+1' arrives in theaters and will be available on VOD and iTunes on September 20, 2013.