Falling Skies’ season 2 switches sides for its fifth episode of the year “Love and Other Acts of Courage.” As Ben and a returning Rick introduce the 2nd Mass. to the Red-Eyed Skitter, looking to unite the groups against the Overlords, Hal continues his flirtation with Maggie and an attack forces the group to re-locate.

The last ‘Falling Skies’ episode “Young Bloods” saw Hal and Ben encountering a new group of youths, including Captain Weaver's long-lost daughter Jean, while Matt found himself increasingly drawn to dangerous missions.  So, how does “Love and Other Acts of Courage” keep things moving?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Falling Skies’ season 2 episode 5, “Love and Other Acts of Courage!”

It’s an eerie sight early one morning, as a number of Skitters perch themselves atop a building, and howl at the sky with arms outstretched, including the Red-Eye. Also joining them on a nearby roof, glowing spikes and all, is young Ben!

Later on, Hal catches up to Maggie as she sits overlooking the city, and the two share some gentle flirts, before a big explosion in the distance draws everyone’s attention! While Weaver wants to evacuate, Tom suggests they might be resistance in need of aid, and adorably positions Matt to guard the medical bus before the group heads out. Upon arrival, Tom and his group find the aftermath of a huge battle, but no humans present. Reasoning that the Skitters might now be fighting one another, they investigate before Hal sees a body with glowing spikes under the carnage. It’s not Ben however, but the long-lost Rick!

Wounded but alive, Rick gets taken back to camp even as Weaver protests that they cant trust him based on their history. Meanwhile, Weaver has his own leg injury to recover from, and Rick wakes up asking for Tom nervously. Rick insists that he knows where to find the missing Ben, and they reluctantly agree to follow him back to the battle site. Once there, Rick leads them to Ben, who’s busy guarding the wounded Red-Eye and violently protecting it from the 2nd Mass! Tom recognizes the creature, but (speaking through Rick) it insists that it saved his life during captivity, and together they must defeat the overlords, before passing out from its wounds. Reluctantly, Tom convinces Weaver to keep it for interrogation.

Meanwhile, out on a medical supply run, Hal and Maggie find themselves hiding from passing Mechs in a car, getting all kinds of intimately close…

Back at camp, the crowd surrounds the captive Skitter, but Tom’s only interest is learning from Ben why he never explained his glowing spikes or increased contact with the Skitters, which has been happening since Jimmy’s death. Tom refuses to believe that there could be some kind of Skitter rebellion, even as Ben explains that they’ve been fighting against both the harnesses and the Overlords for a century. The Red-Eye had to act the part of torturing Tom and killing the other survivors so as to keep close to its overlord, and learn battle plans to use against them. Having seen Humanity’s resistance, an alliance might serve their cause.

Still pinned down in the car, Hal shares stories of his first car and a girl he used to entertain in it, but Maggie’s flirtation lead to the still-tense subject of Karen, which naturally kills the mood. Once the Mechs depart, Karen apologizes for her words, which Hal just shrugs off.

Tom and Weaver return to speak with the now-conscious Red-Eye, who insists on speaking to Tom alone. As there is a death squad looking for the creature, they have little time, so the alien lays out that the Overlords attacked their planet as well, forcing them all into slavery. Together, they might be able to overthrow the Overlords, but Tom remains unconvinced, and Red-Eye assures them the 2nd Mass will fail on its own.

Back on their mission, Hal and the crew happen upon an abandoned hospital full of supplies, though Maggie won’t enter based on her past illnesses. Hal then finally plants one on her, but she quickly recoils and leaves.  Later, she reminds him that it’s important they have one another’s backs as partners, but nothing else should develop between them. On the ride back, missiles suddenly besiege the group throwing Maggie from her bike!  The “death squad” has arrived looking for Red-Eye, and a foolish Hal insists on going back for Maggie, against her wishes.

Back at camp, Weaver takes a gun to Red-Eye believing that he led the aliens to them, but Tom, Ben and Ricks all stand up for the creature. In the confusion of the attack, Red-Eye manages to slip away, while Rick takes a gunshot to the chest for getting in the way. Rick dies, begging Ben to make his father believe, while Maggie recuperates from her injuries on the road.

Upon waking, Maggie asks Hal to stay with her, while Weaver and Tom express their mutual respect of one another in spite of the recent disagreement. Still, they both express worry about Ben as a threat to the group, and ponder the hard choices that might have to be made, as Weaver drifts off to sleep from a sedative.  Outside, Tom converses with Anne, slyly suggesting they find a room of their own, while up on the roof Ben confides in his younger brother Matt that he might have to leave the group soon. But when?

The concept of a Skitter rebellion certainly has us intrigued, but its episodes like "Love and Other Acts of Courage" that get a little bogged down in its romantic stories. Seriously, were Hal and Maggie flirting while certain death stalked ominously outside, likely with the ability to hear them? Also, it was nice to have Rick back, but sad that he had to depart just as quickly as he arrived. Hopefully the Red-Eye won't stay away too long, and we can get a little more insight into what's going on.

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