TNT's alien actioner 'Falling Skies' got a bit of good news recently by way of its expanded season 4 episode order for 2014, but two more episodes remain in the third season that threaten to upend the entire war effort. This Sunday's "Journey to Xibalba" returns from fantasy-land to drop us right back in Charleston, and the latest clips tease an explosive end to the season.

The first clip from "Journey to Xibalba" (we looked it up, it's a book!) sees the Charleston mole (cough, Lourdes) up to no good once more, planting a freaky-looking alien bomb that may well destroy the structure the 2nd Mass. has called home for the last year. Could there be more deaths in the works for the final two episodes? or is "Journey to Xibalba" a one-way ticket?

Meanwhile, series star Noah Wyle teased of the remaining two episodes of the season:

We tie up a lot of storylines this season. All the plotlines that are laid down get answered: we now know who the mole is, we’re going to find that out and deal with that, we’ve got this Espheni grid that’s irradiating the Earth and a ticking clock on taking it out, we’re going to take it out, and we’ve got this evil Overlord in the body of a 22-year-old surfer chick that we need to deal with. So all of that stuff gets wrapped up in the last two episodes.

Well, what say you? Check out the clip from this Sunday’s "Journey to Xibalba" above, and give us your predictions in the comments!