Falling Skies’ season 2 takes the fight to the enemy with its tenth, and final episode of the year “A More Perfect Union,” as the 2nd Massachusetts goes on the offensive to take down a Skitter weapon with the aid of the rebellion, but quickly find that not all is as it seems with General Bressler (Matt Frewer), while Anne receives some startling news.

Last week’s ‘Falling Skies’ episode “The Price of Greatness” saw the 2nd Massachusetts finally arriving at Charleston , and Tom butting heads with his former professor Arthur Manchester (‘LOST’s Terry O’Quinn) as the group realized salvation is not what it seems, so how does “A More Perfect Union” conclude the season?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Falling Skies’ season 2 finale, “A More Perfect Union!”

Picking up right where we left off, Tom refuses to side with General Bressler, if the first step in a new America begins with a military coup.  Bressler orders everyone locked up, but before they can be, the complex’s alarm goes off!  A number of Skitters have infiltrated the complex, but Tom stops Bressler from shooting when he recognizes the Red-Eye, and finally Ben.  The members of the 2nd Mass slowly surround the group of Skitters in defense, until Bressler agrees to lower their weapons.

In a private meeting, Red-Eye uses Ben to explain to the assembled leaders that the Overlord they recently had in captivity was a bigger prize then they knew, whose killing would have upset Skitter military operations across the entire continent.  The Ashveni, as they’re called, are also building a massive weapon, which in three days that Overlord will visit to inspect.  Red-Eye offers to assist the humans in infiltrating the weapon and killing the Overlord, but Bressler only agrees to take it under advisement.

Once the creature leaves the room, Bressler quickly dismisses the validity of its claims, even as Tom and Weaver try to persuade him that the plan and the rebellion are the real deal.  Bressler refuses to risk the Charleston army on such a potentially dangerous mission, but Weaver and Tom offer the 2nd Mass in their place, vowing to be a thorn in Bressler's side otherwise.  Reluctantly, the general agrees to allow the mission, but once the pair leaves Bressler instructs Clemmons to target the Skitters as they wait outside the city.

Later, Hal pays a visit to the nesting creatures looking for his brother to talk.  The brothers make up for the recent crazy chain of events that saw each other at arms, but Ben insists that he’s found a place he belongs among the Skitters.  Meanwhile inside, Anne and Lourdes pack up the medical supplies, happy to leave Charleston and get back on the front lines, but Anne finds herself interrupted mid-sentence by a bout of morning sickness.  That’s’ right, she’s preggers!  But don’t tell Tom, at least until after the mission.

Arthur and Tom confer over the chain of events that saw him deposed for a military rule, reluctantly agreeing that he bears some responsibility for the overthrow, when Ben bursts in to inform his father that the rebel Skitters were attacked!  Bressler denies having any knowledge of the attacks, adding that it could have been anyone with an axe to grind, but at least it seems that the Red-Eye and a few others escaped the slaughter.  Bressler shuts down the mission to destroy the weapon, though when Ben reveals that the device is far more dangerous then they thought, and he has all the details in his head, Weaver tells the general they’ll be going on the mission with or without his permission.

As the group prepares to head out, Weaver manages to dissuade his daughter Jean from joining the fight, as the Berserkers reluctantly accept Tector back into their ranks.  Everyone ships out, and braves the tight tunnels and dangerous terrain needed to get close to the Skiter super-weapon, a cannon that towers over them, aimed upward at the sky.

Once inside the weapon, the group quickly notices there isn’t an alien in sight.  Weaver dispatches the group to place charges around the weapon, while Tom wonders aloud what it could possibly be pointed at the skies for.  Just then, Ben’s spikes light up, and the Skitters attack!  Dai is killed in the ensuing firefight, and after just about everyone winds up captured, Karen steps out to greet them.

After restraining everyone, Karen and her Overlord master demand to know how it is the group came to know of the weapon, callously torturing Tom with a taser rod when he refuses to give them any information.  To torture Maggie, Karen makes out with Hal, rendering him unconscious, and next sets her sights on shocking Anne.  Before she does however, she senses Anne’s pregnancy and reveals it to Tom, who agrees to comply with their demands.

Just then however, the rebel Skitters attack!  With everyone released, Red-Eye makes a bee-line for the Overlord, but winds up slashed open in the fight.  Tom himself is the one to sweep the Overlord off his feet, and ultimately beat him to death with the rod.  Karen escapes vowing to defeat them, and the group stands over the dying Red-Eye, who urges them to continue the fight.  Retrieving Dai’s body, the group plants the charges and blows up the cannon in a fiery inferno!

Returning to the complex, everyone cheers for the 2nd Mass, even Bressler, as everyone tearfully reunites with their loved ones.  Even Ben agrees to stay, and get a game of Monopoly going!  Of course, Hal’s still unconscious, and no one quite knows what’s wrong, but he’s stable for now.  Tom and Anne mutually agree to try to bring their baby to term, in spite of the apparent risk, as Hal awakens alone in the hospital bed.  Disoriented, he looks in the mirror, as the tiny bug-like device once implanted into Top crawls out of his eye!  It skitters across his face and crawls into his ear, as Hal flashes a menacing grin.

Arthur meets once more with Tom, learning that Bressler has agreed to restore civil rule so long as Arthur himself isn’t in charge, but Tom declines the offer to replace him.  Tom explains that they still need to fight the Skitters, excusing himself and re-aligning with Weaver.  As the two express their hopes for the future, suddenly the lights flicker and the entire complex begins to shake!

Near of the entire population races outside, as wind and lightning unnaturally streak the skies in every direction.  A deafening screech precedes the arrival of a number of capsule-like ships that emerge from the clouds, and land on the ground.  The humans watch in astonishment, as a lone figure steps out from a ship landed right in front of them.  The bipedal, but distinctly alien creature reveals its face from behind a helmet, seemingly flashing a smile to the stunned 2nd Massachusetts.

Well, that does it for another season of 'Falling Skies,' which seems to have considerably expanded upon its mythology by introducing yet another race of aliens, these creatures seemingly friendly.  All in all, 'Falling Skies' season 2 felt like a much more organized, concise effort, even if there were less out and out battles.  It'll be exciting to see wehre things go from here, but for now "A More Perfect Union" brought things to a decently satisfying close.

Did you get you fill of Skittery-y ‘Falling Skies’ action?  What did you think about the finale?  Join the discussion in the comments, and be sure to check back next season for all-new episode recaps of ‘Falling Skies’ on TNT!

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