If you thought the first trailer for Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot was suspiciously similar to the trailers for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar,’ you weren’t alone! Although both films couldn’t seem more different on the outside, they both employed their fair share of identical movie marketing tropes ... and it took less than a day for someone to mash them up. Good job, internet!

One may be a superhero origin story and the other may be a (somewhat) hard science fiction film about traveling beyond our solar system, but both were cut into trailers showcasing corn fields, images of Americana, and brave men and women strapping themselves into spacesuits so they could explore the unknown. Oh, and both featured a voice over going on and on about exploration and the human spirit and yada yada and so on.

So, naturally, someone took the audio from an ‘Interstellar’ trailer and laid it over the ‘Fantastic Four’ trailer. Now, instead of the raspy tones of Reg E. Cathey, we get to hear the southern drawl of Matthew McConaughey (and Hans Zimmer’s score) ramble on over glimpses of a superhero origin story. Strangely, it has the exact same effect as the original version. Nothing feels wrong or out of place. That’s how similar these things are.

So pay attention, studio marketing departments: the public is officially on to you. It’s time to break out a new bag ‘o tricks. No more cornfields!

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