Audiences who stuck around after the end credits of newly released cinematic demolition derby The Fate of the Furious were disappointed to learn that there would be no bonus stinger scene, as has been customary in past installments of the franchise. (In addition to the pre-existing disappointment resulting from learning that Charlize Theron’s character is named Cipher.) It’s atypical for the series to refrain from teasing its next ride, and many fans are wondering what gives. Wonder no longer! Vin Diesel, as fate would have it, is reportedly to blame.

TheWrap has run a new item revealing that the original cut of 8 Fast 8 Furious did indeed contain a post-credits scene, in which Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbes and Jason Statham’s Shaw trade banter — possibly with the intention of opening the gate to a spinoff. Diesel did not take too kindly to learning that his Dom Toretto would not be featured in the scene, implicitly ceding fan-favorite status to Johnson and Statham’s enemies-turned-buddies. He furiously (and fastly) contacted NBC Universal to demand that they remove the scene, and the studio then obliged.

This would seem to support the veracity of the Johnson-Diesel beef that some have dismissed as trumped-up theatrics, although this item cites multiple unnamed sources offering conflicting reports. (One claims that the deleted scene was intended to be bonus content for the home video release.) What’s for sure is that nothing’s for sure — the cloudy bad blood between the franchise’s star, the ultimate fate of the now-lost scene, or whether we can expect a Hobbes ’n’ Shaw connected universe any time soon.

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