With 'Monsters University' coming out in just a few days, we all have Pixar on the mind - as evidenced by our recent list ranking the company's movies from worst to best. But that's just our opinion - which Pixar flick is your favorite?

Indeed, when a studio has a track record like Pixar does, it's hard to even contemplate favorites. Is it possible to hold 'The Incredibles' next to 'Up' and decide which is better? Trying to choose your favorite child might be easier. But deep down, we all have that special fondness for one particular movie - be it the sweet, savvy 'Wall-E' or the heartstring-tugging 'Toy Story 3'; the joyous 'Monsters Inc.' or the innovative brilliance of the original 'Toy Story.'

Dammit, it's just too hard to choose. Why did we even get into this?!

Nevertheless, vote for your favorite Pixar film in the poll below, and tell us about your choice in the comment section below!