Fear The Walking Dead is looking more like its parent series than ever, and the second half will even introduce a host of new communities to boot. See for yourself, as Fear The Walking Dead checks into hotel hell in a new featurette for the August 21 premiere.

Ahead of the second half of Season 2, Fear The Walking Dead released a more in-depth preview than the Comic-Con 2016 trailer, as the three groups of Nick, Travis and Madison strike out on different paths in an effort to find other survivors. Along the way, it looks like Nick actually tries the undead’s cuisine du jour, while Alicia … learns to surf? This might be a weird half-season.

So reads the synopsis:

As “Fear the Walking Dead” embarks on the second half of season two, the Clark, Manawa and Salazar families fracture. The events that took place at the Abigail compound have set all of our heroes adrift. Now they must forge their own paths to survive.

Don’t forget Season 3, given that 2017 will see the Walking Dead-adjacent drama graduating to a full 16 episodes, as with the main series. You can check out the latest above and below, and stay tuned for more Fear The Walking Dead on August 21.

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