At some point, the Resident Evil movies stopped being schlocky B-movies that existed solely to allow Paul W.S. Anderson to shoot Milla Jovovich in slow-motion and became, well, whatever they are now. Because they’re certainly something, although we certainly cannot tell you what kind of something they are. We’ve learned to just go with whatever these movies throw at us, so the news that Ali Larter is returning to the series for its supposed final chapter isn’t surprising or unexpected. This series could literally do anything and we wouldn’t even blink. Forget it Jake, it’s Resident Evil.

Deadline has the story, saying that Larter will return as Claire Redfield, a character who originated in the Resident Evil 2 video game before appearing in Resident Evil: Extinction (the pretty good third movie) and Resident Evil: Afterlife (the pretty bad fourth movie). She sat out Resident Evil: Retribution (arguably the best film in this judged-by-its-own-standards series), but her presence in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter suggests that the grand finale of the series may bring back all of the survivors from the past films for one last zombie-punching, mutant-kicking adventure. It’ll all be nonsensical and it will run 12 minutes if you sped up the slow-motion, but we know we’ll be seeing it out of obligation.

Here’s how Deadline describes the story, which sounds exactly like the plot of the other five Resident Evil movies:

The story picks up after the events of Resident Evil: Retribution, as the Project Alice is forced to race against time before the villainous Red Queen attempts to destroy the final remnants of humanity.

Larter will undoubtedly play second fiddle to Jovovich’s super-powered Alice and since this is the ”final chapter,” she probably won’t live to see the end credits. And then they’ll bring her back as a zombified bad guy for Resident Evil: A New Beginning. Because Resident Evil movies may threaten to stop, but they will never stop. As long as its stars can squeeze into latex outfits, they will exist.

Anyway, the final Resident Evil begins shooting this September. Expect to hear more about this one soon.