The first two trailers for 'The Bourne Legacy' had us sold, but this new 'Bourne Legacy' clip just sweetens the pot. Watch Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz run for their lives in the first official clip from the film.

'The Bourne Legacy' stars Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, an operative involved in Operation Outcome, the successor to Operation Treadstone -- the project involving Matt Damon's Jason Bourne in the initial trilogy. Turns out there are more people like Jason Bourne, which makes him not very special, but we get another action-packed, adrenaline-pumping film out of the whole deal, which we think is still kinda special.

Rachel Weisz co-stars as Dr. Stephanie Snyder, a woman responsible for creating the Operation Outcome agents and an ally to Cross as the program is shut down and he must flee to survive the extermination ordered by Agent Byer (Edward Norton).

In the clip below we see Cross and Snyder on the run in an unspecified foreign country, as local authorities are right on their tail. Weisz shows off her screaming ability and Renner proves he's pretty good at this whole running thing, which is good, since he'll be spending most of the film doing just that. Rachel Weisz? Not so good at the running, but we bet she does a killer Running Man dance move.

Check out the clip below for 'The Bourne Legacy,' courtesy of IGN. The film hits theaters August 10.