We don’t know a whole lot about Arrival, but what we do know is enough to make it one of our most anticipated films of the year: The new sci-fi drama (previously titled Story of Your Life) comes from Sicario and Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve and stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, and while we anxiously await an official trailer, the first photos have, well, arrived.

USA Today debuted the new images in a feature on the upcoming film, which Renner describes as “if you blended a (Stanley) Kubrick and a (Steven) Spielberg movie” — as if we needed any further convincing. Scripted by Eric Heisserer (The Thing remake) and based on the Ted Chiang novella Story of Your Life, the film stars Adams as a linguist tapped by the government to interpret an alien language when extraterrestrials land on Earth. She’s aided by Renner’s character, an expert physicist and skilled mathematician.


As for the aliens themselves, Renner says they aren’t “goofy creatures with guns” and that audiences shouldn’t expect a “big Michael Bay alien movie” — not that we’d expect something so generic from Villeneuve, who is also working on the long-developing sequel to Blade Runner.

Arrival is set to hit theaters on November 11, and now that the first images have debuted, the official trailer probably isn’t too far behind.

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