The first look at the impending remake of 'Evil Dead' has emerged from NYCC and for the long-suffering fans of this beloved horror franchise, it's bound to look a little familiar.

Yep, that right there is a deadite (and it comes courtesy of EW). If you want to get specific, it looks like a deadite attempting to cosplay as Reagan from 'The Exorcist,' but it looks enough like the original design to leave the feathers of serious fans unruffled. In addition to the make-up design, fans will surely recognize the trap door from the original film. Very bad things happen in and around that trap door.

As you'll recall from Sam Raimi's original gem, 'Evil Dead' follows a group of young folks who journey to a cabin in the woods, read from the book of the dead and have to contend with demonic forces that arise and try to destroy their bodies and swallow their souls. It's unlikely that the remake will capture the original's gnarly spirit and grim slapstick humor (it thankfully won't even try to recreate Bruce Campbell's iconic Ash), but we can still hold out hope for a solid horror movie.

'Evil Dead' hits theaters on April 12, 2013.

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