Because it’s Christmas, and on Christmas (well, almost Christmas) you share the first photos from a new Edgar Wright film — that was the real message of Love Actually, I think. Anyway, the holiday weekend is upon us, and what better way to get in the joyful spirit than with a first look at Baby Driver, the highly-anticipated new action-comedy from Wright, featuring Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Jamie Foxx and Jon Friggin’ Hamm. Who doesn’t love a little Hamm on Christmas?

Those lucky so-and-sos at Entertainment Weekly debuted the first look at Baby Driver, Wright’s first film since 2013’s The World’s End — and yes, it looks every bit as cool as we hoped:

I love how everyone in that second photo looks confused and skeptical except for Jamie Foxx, who is rocking one hell of a jacket, by the way. Baby Driver also stars Kevin Spacey as a crime boss, and co-stars Jon Bernthal and Eiza Gonzalez.

In the film, Elgort plays a masterful young getaway driver inspired to abandon his criminal career when he meets — and falls for — a young woman, played by Lily James. Wright’s films always have amazing soundtracks, but music is particularly significant in Baby Driver: Elgort’s character suffers from tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ears), so he relies on his personal playlists to keep him going. As Wright explains, the action sequences are timed to the music:

I always wanted to do an action movie that was powered by music. It’s something that’s very much a part of my previous films and I thought of this idea of how to take that a stage further by having a character who listens to music the entire time. So, you have this young getaway driver who has to soundtrack his entire existence, particularly the bank robberies and fast getaways that come afterwards.

Wright describes the soundtrack as an “eclectic” mix with “about 35 songs,” ranging from “very famous to more obscure.” But don’t expect him to reveal the soundtrack details just yet. The director says he’ll talk about it more closer to the film’s release — which was recently pushed back to August 11, 2017.

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