'Arrow' fans and the DC community fanbase at large have barely begun processing the recent news of a Batman/Superman crossover on the big screen, let alone that the Flash will now be introduced in the CW's Green Arrow series, and potentially spun off into his own series. Now, CW president Mark Pedowitz has stepped up to clarify how the Flash will fit into 'Arrow,' what it means for the big screen, and whether or not Wonder Woman is still in the mix.

First and foremost, Pedowitz clarified from the ongoing TCA press tour that "Dr. Barry Allen" would find his way into an episode of 'Arrow' season 2, kicking off the character's early days. "We're planning an origin story. We'll see how it goes, hopefully it'll go well. We do want to expand on the DC universe. We think that there are rich characters that we can use and we thought this was a very organic way to get there."

Naturally, the question would then turn to whether or not 'Arrow's Flash spinoff would tie into the 'Justice League' film franchise, most recently given its first real stepping stone in 'Batman Vs. Superman.' Pedowitz insisted that there would be "no conflict" if Warner Bros. and DC opted to develop a theatrical Flash independent of the 'Arrow' version, that the decision rests entirely with the studio. The same could be said of utilizing either Batman or Superman on the small screen, as, "The question goes to 'Does the studio want to move them back to TV or keep them on the theatrical side?'"

As for The CW's proposed Wonder Woman reboot series 'Amazon,' Pedowitz could only offer that "The script isn't quite where we want it," placing the property on pause for the moment. "It's an iconic DC character and we're not going to put it on unless it works. And now having the DC universe, the origins of Black Canary coming on this year, as well as the potential origins of The Flash, it's better to wait and get it right." At the time 'Amazon' had been closest to development, it was deemed unlikely that 'Arrow' would adjust its "no powers" mandate to establish a shared universe anyway.

More details will likely arrive within the coming days, but what say you? Would you be interested to see DC and Warner Bros. flesh out their proposed cinematic universe by bringing 'Arrow' into the fold, and introducing other heroes on the small screen first? How would you want to see DC continue building toward 'Justice League?'