The long-dormant Jim Henson series 'Fraggle Rock' is being rebooted for the big screen. Hey, it worked for 'The Muppets,' right?

The Hollywood Reporter notes that it's now got two writers: Jim Byrkit and Alex Manugian, and a production home of New Regency. Byrkit recently helped come up with the story for the Oscar-winning animated film 'Rango,' while Manugian is a former Cartoon Network executive. 'Fraggle Rock' ran from 1983 through 1987, running exclusively on HBO in the states.

The question here becomes: What do they do with their world? There's two ways they could go with this: give them human adventures, or keep them in their original environment where the Fraggles mostly interacted with the miniature Dozers and the gigantic Gorys. Where The Muppets interacted with humans on a regular basis, only the character Traveling Matt would deal with human on the original show.

There's all kinds of possibilities for where the story could go, but after 'The Smurfs' we would rather see these guys stay in their own world. But that eliminates to possibilities of human cameos and real locations, which could give the film an advertising bump and lower the costs of making it. We'll surely be following the development of this one.