There’s already a Sin City television show in the works, and if franchise creator Frank Miller gets his way, the exploits of the comic book and film world’s seediest, green-screeniest noir metropolis will expand even further in the near future.

On the YouTube series Comic Book Shopping (it’s exactly what it sounds like), Miller told Collider that after all the comics he’s created through the years, and all the genres he’s explored from superheroes to science-fiction to war to crime, there’s really just one place he still wants to go: The Old West. And he knows exactly how to do it too:

I’ve really got a western I want to do. It’s a Sin City ... all the superhero books get an origin. Why shouldn’t Sin City?

To date there have been numerous Sin City series, graphic novels, and one-shots, which are collected in seven different books. They feature various casts at different points in the timeline of rotted, ruined Basin City, but they’re all basically set in the same time frame, and characters sometimes cross over from one story to the next. A Western would be a departure, but a very logical one.

Then the question becomes whether Miller would then want to turn it into a third Sin City film with Robert Rodriguez. But that’s getting a little ahead of things. You can watch Miller’s full appearance on Comic Book Shopping below.

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