FOX’s Gotham has always seemed to crib from Batman mythology far ahead of Bruce ever donning the cowl, but rarely do we see imagery plucked from even the Dark Knight’s worst nightmares. New Season 3 set photos reveal the kind of crazy new villains tearing across Batman’s future stomping grounds, looking almost right out of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

Where previously Gotham Season 3 set photos brought us an early look at Jamie Chung’s Valerie Vale, aunt to the more recognizable Vicki, the latest take things in a vastly different direction. It seems those Indian Hill escapees really did bring monsters to Gotham, as Jim Gordon’s latest opponent looks like a cross between Killer Croc, Godzilla, and mutants from The Dark Knight Returns (minus the slick glasses, but keeping the studded bracelets):

From what we can tell, the creature appears to be played by former Green Bay Packer Michael Montgomery, though FOX and Warner Bros. representatives declined to comment.

Elsewhere, Season 3 will also introduce us to Gotham’s take on Batman villain Jervis Tetch, better known as the Mad Hatter, along with the Tweedle brothers, Maggie Geha’s questionably aged-up Poison Ivy, the Court of Owls, Talon, and a more true-to-comics Solomon Grundy than Arrow offered. Lest we forget, a certain laughing madman made a distinctly audible return in the Season 2 finale, and will likely resurface as well.

We’ll learn more of Gotham Season 3 in the coming months, including at Comic-Con 2016, but what other Bat-characters might Gotham introduce in the next run?

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