Since real film fans hate people who talk and text on their cell phones during the show, it's refreshing to see that the movies themselves sometimes agree with us. This special IMAX teaser for the upcoming Tim Burton film 'Frankenweenie' was built with one purpose in mind: to remind you to shut up and turn off your phone in the theater.

It sure sounds like common sense, but sometimes it takes a bunch of fascinatingly grotesque, black and white stop-motion puppets to remind the lunkheads in the audience that common courtesy is still a thing. After all, it's not like Burton cranks out stop motion projects every year (more like every five) and it's not often that he remakes a passion project from earlier in his career in a unique style style that must have scared the pants off Disney (it's not like kid-friendly homages to 1930s monster movies are all the rage). So try to show some respect, okay? You paid the extra cost to see this thing in IMAX, so go ahead and put the phone away.

Unless you want to answer to Mr. Whiskers...

'Frankenweenie' opens on October 5th.