Broken Lizard, the same name that brought us titles like 'Super Troopers' and 'Beerfest,' has unleashed their latest, 'Freeloaders,' on the Walmart crowds and now you can enjoy it too. We've got five copies of the film on DVD to shell out and an exclusive clip that shows off some of the NSFW hilarity that ensues.

'Freeloaders' features geek goddess Olivia Munn, Josh Lawson (soon to be seen in 'Anchorman 2'), Kevin Sussman and more living in a rock star's mansion -- until said musician decides to sell. In a desperate attempt to raise some money to keep the place and continue their slacker-ish ways, the group leases the space out to a porn director looking to film something called 'Ass Pirates of the Caribbean: Part 2 -- At the World's Rear End.'

Truly, truly riveting stuff here. But what's even more ridiculous is how Sussman's character tries to pitch the film for Sundance. Check out the hilarious and semi-NSFW clip below:

Want to see more of 'Freeloaders'? Well, we're giving away five free copies on DVD, while the flick hits Walmart shelves. Use the options listed below to enter as many times as possible (through Twitter, Facebook, blog comments, etc.) before the contest ends at 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, May 14.