Few TV series ever end, whether cancellation or their own accord, without invariable talk of a movie wrapping up the story for good. Perhaps one series that has always endured such scrutiny and passion is that of NBC's 'Friday Night Lights,' which itself was first brought before screens as a movie before being re-imagined as the beloved TV series. Rumors of scripts and cast involvement have been on the field forever, but at least one major 'Friday Night Lights' star is throwing a serious flag on the play.

Even those who didn't vote for Mitt Romney know that clear eyes and full hearts can't lose, but we may have to finally admit defeat on a 'Friday Night Lights' movie. Previously we'd heard talk from both series star Connie Briton and creator Peter Berg that a script was indeed moving forward, but now Kyle Chandler has come forth to seemingly end the movement.

In a recent interview with MTV, Chandler distanced himself from a potential 'Friday Night Lights' movie, believing it wouldn't improve the show's legacy:

My general attitude about Friday Night Lights is that it was a great movie with Billy Bob [Thornton]. It was a great TV show, and I never had more fun doing anything…they ended it at exactly the right time, and exactly the right way.

Decisive words perhaps, but they won't keep every fan from hoping for an eventual Panthers reunion. At the very least, maybe Peter Berg could give Chandler and Connie Briton roles in 'Battleship 2.'

What say you? Are you still hopeful for a 'Friday Night Lights' movie, in spite of what Chandler says?