Sigh.  Eventually, the day will come when FOX has no more epic 'Fringe' videos to release in anticipation of its fourth season finale, and beyond that, a day will come when we have no more 'Fringe' videos to talk about at all.  But, it is not this day.  This day, we watch!  Do you remember that awesome 'Fringe' movie-quality trailer that had its second half redacted?  Turns out there was good reason!

Filling in the second half of the trailer for FOX's 'Fringe' season finale event "Brave New World, Part 2," today we've got the full picture of what weird and wonderful events like waiting for us this Friday night.  So why couldn't we see the second half of the trailer before?  Why, because it was chock-full of William Bell, of course!

After Leonard Nimoy's surprise reappearance portraying his long-dead character William Bell on last week's 'Fringe' "Brave New World, Part 1," the second half of the latest trailer has filled in to reveal Bell as the ultimate universe-destroying villain, along with a host of other tantalizing tidbits we hadn't glimpsed before.

Will Bell succeed in creating a brave new world, as some of the greener shots of the trailer would suggest, or do the 'Fringe' team manage to stop him in time? Did Astro Astrid survive her injuries from the previous week, given that we saw her in a future timeline?  And what of Olivia's powers, or her ultimate end?

Watch the completed trailer below, and scribble out your theories in the comments!