We were lucky enough to get a 'Fringe' renewal for a thirteen-episode fifth season, so what's this about 'Fringe' as a movie?  Oh.  It's just a movie-style trailer?  Well, that's cool too.  FOX has seen fit to give us our best look yet at the upcoming fourth season finale event "Brave New World," but that isn't half so shocking as what we see toward the end of this new trailer...

Touted as an exclusive event to "those few that he has chosen," the newest, very hush-hush trailer for 'Fringe's fourth season finale has some very ominous clues trotted about, not so much toward that crazy future-reality we saw during the events of "Letters of Transit," but more along the lines of Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv)'s ultimate fate,  and David Robert Jones ('Mad Men's Jared Harris)'s universe-ending endgame.

Could one universe really be the only one to survive?  Will we finally get an answer about the mysterious power inside Olivia, or that dastardly "X" man who always seems to kill her in her dreams?  And don't tell us that the mysterious figure that Walter exclaims about being alive is William Bell, recently seen encased in amber and portrayed by the inexorably-retired Leonard Nimoy!  He's really not going to act anymore, guys!  We swear!

So think of the latest movie-quality 'Fringe' trailer as a little bonus atop that nifty 13-episode season 5 renewal, and be sure to tune in this Friday night when the show begins part one of it's two-part series season finale, "Brave New World!"  Try not to gasp too hard at the trailer's surprise twist toward the end!