If you’re a suburban mom and your day-to-day consists of cleaning diapers, dropping the kids at school, and going to PTA meetings after work, life can turn pretty monotonous. That’s why Bridget Everett’s Melanie plans weekly fun mom dinners to unwind sans-children and husbands with her fellow mothers.

In Alethea Jones’ Fun Mom Dinner, Melanie and Jamie (Molly Shannon) invite Emily (Katie Aselton) to join their weekly wine-and-dine outing. Emily tricks her friend Kate (Toni Collette playing the rebellious, weed-smoking mom type) into coming to the dinner. At first Kate resists, wanting to go home instead of socializing with other mothers. But eventually she warms up to them and so begins a wild night of drinking, smoking, consuming marijuana edibles (sold by Paul Rudd and David Wain), karaoke with Adam Levine (playing a smooth-talking bartender), and other shenanigans.

Earlier this week I sat down with the women of Fun Mom Dinner to chat about the movie and their own funny drunk stories. Shannon told me about guzzling cosmos with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at an SNL after party, Aselton told me her deepest darkest mom secret, and Everett had one suggestion for the Fun Mom Dinner sequel: all the moms makeout with each other.

Fun Mom Dinner is now playing in limited cities and available on VOD.

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