Scavenger of the internet you are, you may have seen some eerily apt memes placing Donald Trump quotes in the voice of Futurama braggadocio connoisseur Zapp Brannigan. What better way to follow that, than for the man behind the man himself to actually record said quotes? Billy West, you American hero.

As outlined by the Huffington Post, former (and future?) Futurama star Billy West lent his impressive set of pipes to Twitter, actually reciting Donald Trump quotes in Zapp’s glorious, velvety voice. Seeing the text over Zapp images was uncanny enough; it’s quite something else to hear them indistinguishably read as Futurama lines:

Lucky for us, the call to #MakeAmericaBrannigan will only continue, as West has pledged to deliver additional Donald Trump quotes in Zapp Brannigan’s voice in the coming day. He does plan to finish someday, Kif.

Update: And more!

In the meantime, enjoy the disturbingly accurate parody above, and stay tuned for more Futurama favorites.

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