And now, for the bad news.  While earlier today ABC picked up 9 new series and renewed 5 more than it already had, now we're getting word that several hot-topic ABC dramas have officially been passed on for additional orders.  But is it really the end, or might some find new life on another network as 'Cougar Town' recently did?

Don't lose hope just yet, but TVLine reports that ABC has officially passed on renewals for four of its freshman offerings, effectively cancelling them, at least for now.  Officially gone from the network's roster are 'GCB' (oh what the heck, it's 'Good Christian Bitches,' people), paranormal mystery 'The River,' 'the Ashley Judd kidnapping thriller 'Missing' and the period drama Christina Ricci vehicle 'Pan Am.'

While 'GCB' nabbed a solid amount of buzz for its subject material, low ratings compounded with the initial controversy the show first found itself in might have put off the network to renewal, while 'The River' boasted fairly dismal ratings following its debut, in spite of piqued critical interest.  'Missing' simply never caught on well enough, and 'Pan Am' failed to replicate the period drama intrigue that ABC had sought to ape from 'Mad Men.'  A lesson 'The Playboy Club' learned the hard way first.

Still, faint hope for further renewals does exist, as there had been some talk of 'The River' moving to Netflix in their increasing grab for original programming.  Who's to say if those discussions spark back up, now that ABC officially lost interest?

A mixed day for TV really, but ultimately more good than bad.  What say you?  Will you miss any of ABC's cancellations, or are you too starstruck from their new roster of pilots?  Give us your reaction in the comments section beneath the article!

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