Epic has announced a new map pack for Gears of War: Judgment, which features three new maps alongside one returning favorite. There will also be a new game mode included when Lost Relics arrives in June.

Downloadable content has helped competitive multiplayer games stay fresh and relevant even months after the original release. Epic knows this just as well as anyone, and has created a clear plan of future content for People Can Fly's Gears of War sequel. There's already been one paid map pack released so far, but in a few weeks, fans will be able to enjoy four new battlegrounds.

Lost Relics will bring back Checkout from Gears of War 3. The supermarket map was a bit of a fan-favorite with all its nods to Gears lore scattered throughout. There will also be two new standard multiplayer maps in Lost City and Museum. OverRun will get new map set in the Ward as well, which should satisfy co-op players. The add-on will also feature new weapon and armor skins, as well as introducing a new game mode, Breakthrough.

Breakthrough is a team-based game, with one team in control of a flag they must deliver to a set location, and the other team attempting to stop them. The defending team has unlimited resources, but the flag-carrying team has a pool of lives they will all share. If the lives run out before the flag is delivered, the defending team will win.

No price or exact release date was given, but the previous map pack cost $12.50 (1000MSP) individually. Season pass holders will get this pack for free. You can check out overviews of all the maps below.