What do you do when you've sold off your epic science fiction franchise that's been your life's work for billions of dollars? You could sit around and twiddle your thumbs, but it looks like 'Star Wars' creator George Lucas is taking all of his newfound free time and excess cash to pursue one of his passions: art. And how does the creator of the biggest movie series of all time pursue art? By opening his own art museum in San Francisco, of course.

Lucas revealed his plans on 'CBS This Morning' (via the LA Times) saying that his museum would explore "cultural fantasy." He explained:

It's my big project right now. There's a world of young people who need to be inspired.

Although Lucas has never been shy about his art collection (he and fellow filmmaker Steven Spielberg lent their combined collections of Norman Rockwell paintings to the Smithsonian for a show in 2010), he has tastes that stray far outside of what's hip in art scene, having a special affinity for paintings that tell stories. As he explained: "You either look at the world through cynical eyes or through idealistic eyes. I don't see anything wrong with having an idealistic, sentimental, fun point of view."

Lucas' personal collection alone will allow the museum to have different six month long shows for six years. In other words, Lucas has a ton of art, guys. Like a literal ton.

However, movie fans will have a reason to visit the museum outside of the novelty of seeing the art collection of the man who created 'Star Wars.' The museum will showcase digital design and animation from various Hollywood blockbusters. There's definitely something wonderful about that -- it's proof that Lucas understands and acknowledges the role technicians and artists have had in giving him his big film career (and the struggles FX artists have had getting respect over the past few years).

The museum doesn't have an opening date or even a location, but it definitely sounds like the kind of thing you'd want to check out if you're visiting the west coast. What do you think? Would you like to peruse George Lucas' art collection?