As we bid farewell to 2012, we're surely remembering the highlights of the outgoing year. In the geek-world, there was probably no bigger moment than when it was announced that George Lucas was selling Lucasfilm to Disney, ushering in a whole new era of 'Star Wars' films. Since that announcement, we've been privy to a series of conversations between Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy, the new Lucasfilm head honcho, and today we have the final video, which you can see after the break.

Fittingly titled "Transitioning Into The Future," the chat's moderator, Lucasfilm PR coordinator Lynne Hale, asks Lucas how he's feeling about the impending "letting go" of his beloved franchise; Lucas appears to be at peace with the decision, while admitting a lot of sadness comes with preparing to retire. (As we've heard before, Lucas isn't exactly retiring from film altogether, but his 'Star Wars' duties will be close to nonexistent.)

Kennedy, for her part, is dealing with transitioning into Lucasfilm as its new president, and will be using Lucas' inherent knowledge of the company to assist her settling in.

You can watch the new video below, and the entire series of videos on Lucasfilm's YouTube page. And now that we're saying goodbye to these videos and the year they were shot in, we anxiously await some major news regarding 'Star Wars Episode 7', which could very well drop this month.