While the previous Get Hard trailers could only hint at the jokes that the final, R-rated film would feature, the new red band trailer drops you into a sea of f-bombs, nudity, racial conflict, and seedy bathroom encounters. This movie looks filthy, going above and beyond what we usually expect from stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Whether you actually laugh at the trailer or not, one thing is certain: this thing is going to be huge.

In the film, Ferrell plays a white collar criminal looking at some serious time behind bars and Hart plays the guy who agrees to help toughen him up for his extended stay in the slammer, even though he has no criminal experience at all. It’s a typical odd couple set-up, with the gigantic, oblivious Ferrell bouncing off the tiny, fast-talking Hart. If these two are as funny together as they are separately, we could be looking at one of the more inspired comedic pairings in recent memory. Both performers have showcased an admirable lack of shame in previous projects and Get Hard looks to test their resolve, putting both of them in situations that look deeply unpleasant (and yeah, pretty funny).

Get Hard premieres at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival and opens in theaters on March 27.

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