If you’ve been anywhere near the internet when Paul Feig’s new Ghostbusters movie is mentioned, then you’re well aware of the horrid response from a certain contingency of fan boys who already hate the movie based on the decision to cast four women in the lead roles. There have been the usual, lame cries of “You’re ruining my childhood!” and “Way to f— up the original!” Feig and the cast and crew of the film have mostly kept quiet…until now. And they’ve got the absolute best response to all those whiny haters.

Ghostbusters star Melissa McCarthy posted this incredibly inspiring image on Instagram, featuring her co-stars Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones, along with a whole bunch of women who are working on the film — you’ll see signs that proclaim their jobs on set, including first assistant director, lots of stuntwomen, casting assistant, script supervisor and so much more:

This image is amazing for a few reasons. First, it’s awesome that so many women are working on this project in a system that continually sidelines women. Second, it totally undermines Colin Trevorrow’s recent remarks about why more women aren’t directing blockbusters — sure, these women are not directing the film, but they wouldn’t be working on it if they weren’t passionate about it. And it is (hopefully) a blockbuster film. Given Feig’s film history, it likely will be.

One of the best things men like Trevorrow and Feig can do is use their power and privilege to hire more women and people of color on their productions, giving those people a chance to highlight and grow their talents, and make connections that could launch their careers further. If you have the power to change something like Feig does, then you should do it. This is what makes Feig such a strong voice for women — he’s an ally.

It’s also just great to shove this photo in the faces of all the haters who are angry at Feig and Sony for making a new Ghostbusters movie starring — gasp! — women instead of men. They’re not replacing the original cast, nor are they replacing those classic films. The original Ghostbusters will remain as great as it’s always been. I didn’t see anyone crying about the lackluster Poltergeist remake ruining their beloved horror classic, just like I don’t see anyone pitching a fit about the hilariously atrocious Terminator Genisys threatening the legacy of the first two films.

Sorry, not sorry, but Feig is making this movie with all these wonderful women whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, then you need to sit down and have a serious talk with yourself about why it bothers you so much.

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