Ghostbusters is currently filming in Boston, but aside from the occasional paparazzi photo, we haven’t seen anything official from the upcoming reboot. That all changed today as director Paul Feig tweeted out a photo of the new costumes and the proton packs that will be worn by the leading ladies, and they look pretty great.

Here’s Feig’s official tweets, in which he uses the delightful hashtag #whatyougonnawear

The so-called “female” Ghostbusters movie stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth — you can see the ladies’ names tagged on the costumes above, which feature the classic logo as a patch on the shoulder, as well as retro stripes. Superficial qualities aside, the new costumes look very utilitarian, aided by those badass combat boots.

As filming began, we got this unofficial plot description, which gives some insight into the new characters in the film.

Wiig and McCarthy play a pair of unheralded authors who write a book positing that ghosts are real. Flash forward a few years and Wiig lands a prestigious teaching position at Columbia U. Which is pretty sweet, until her book resurfaces and she is laughed out of academia.

Wiig reunites with McCarthy and the other two proton pack-packing phantom wranglers, and she gets some sweet revenge when ghosts invade Manhattan and she and her team have to save the world.

Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 22, 2016.

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