With a cast that includes the likes of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Chris Hemsworth, you’d think Paul Feig’s currently filming Ghostbusters reboot would try to find another big name for the film’s villain. And you’d be wrong! Rather than cast another recognizable face, Feig has recruited Neil Casey into the ensemble. While you may not know that name, chances are strong that you’ve seen at least one project that has his name attached.

The report comes to us from Deadline, who say that Casey will be playing the part of “Rowan.” But who is Rowan? Although things may have changed over the past few months as the script has undergone changes, here’s how Feig described the villain of his film in an email that surfaced during the Sony leaks:

Our villain ghost is an executed murderer, a Ted Kazinski type (think Peter Dinklage) who has left behind a manifesto of how he wants to change and destroy the world. When his execution is hit by a supercharged electrical storm, he is turned into a powerful ghost able to rouse other villainous spirits from the ghost world to carry out the ever-expanding plans of his manifesto.

So it sounds like Rowan is the reboot’s equivalent of Gozer or Vigo, the “Big Bad” responsible for the rise of ghostly activity in New York City. However, there’s always a chance that he’s the human villain who sets out to take down the new team of lady Ghostbusters, a role that was previously rumored for Bill Murray.

Casey may not be a household name, but comedy fans are surely familiar with his work. He was a writer on Saturday Night Live and Inside Amy Schumer, but he’s also popped up on screen in everything from Veep to Broad City to The League. He’s currently starring in Yahoo Screen’s sci-fi comedy series Other Space, which was created and produced by Feig. Apparently, their relationship has proven fruitful. Now, he’ll get to riff with a cast comprised of very funny ladies and a Thor. Living the dream!

Ghostbusters will open on July 22, 2016.

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