In what is a surprise to practically no one, the first cast member of the female version of 'The Expendables' has been announced and it's Gina Carano, of 'Haywire' and the upcoming 'Fast and Furious' sequel 'Fast Six.'

This was announced at Variety, who note that producer Adi Shankar said this "I don't know how I'm supposed to make a movie that is supposed to be the female version of 'The Expendables' without Gina Carano in it. It would be like making Twix without caramel or Jamba Juice without jamba." And you can always count on a producer to give a good quote.

Carano's ascendancy in the action world film has been pretty quick, but the former MMA fighter is both good looking and can obviously handle herself physically, which is different than most female action stars who usually rely on a good stunt double to do the heavy lifting. There's no word on who else will join the cast, but the picture is obviously off to a good start.The scale of the picture will be determined by who joins her, though it's unlikely more recent kick-ass women in film (like, say, Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlet Johnansson) would join up.