'Glee' season 4 is in no shortage of star power, what with its recurring roles for both Hollywood icons Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson, and even the recent casting of 'American Idol' vet and runner-up Jessica Sanchez. Still, the latest potential casting might just satisfy plenty of longtime 'Glee' fantasies, as the FOX musical drama has its sights on theatre legend Bette Midler for an upcoming role. Given her notoriety, however, would she play herself or an all-new character?

'Glee' showrunner Ryan Murphy placed a rather large bet last night, publicly asking celebrity Bette Midler to put in an appearance on the FOX musical during an onstage presentation at a charity event for God’s Love We Deliver. Thankfully, Murphy was spared embarrassment as both stars live-tweeted the invitation, Midler tenuously accepting the offer. But who might the star play?

Given Midler's theatre prominence and likely Rachel Berry (Lea Michele)'s own affinity for Bette Midler, it would seem a shame if the star didn't play herself, especially now that the series has permanently relocated Rachel to New York. Still, Midler had her own ideas in mind, tweeting that she might be interested in playing the character's grandmother.

Rachel's grandmother certainly seems like a possibility, bearing a light resemblance to both Michele and Broadway star Idina Menzel, who was selected to play Rachel's mother Shelby Corcoran. Of course, with nothing signed yet, there are any number of possibilities.

'Glee' will return with "The Role You Were Born to Play" on November 4, so in the meantime, hit the comments with your speculation, Gleeks!

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