It's been a few weeks since we've caught up with the cast of FOX's mega-hit musical smash 'Glee,' and we have baseball games and elections to thank for that. The last episode "The Break-Up" left us in some pretty dark territory as well, with just about everyone down in the dumps, but its there good news ahead? Well, if Grant Gustin is to return as the villainaous Dalton Academy Warbler Sebastian... probably not.

'Glee' fans and Klaine shippers might have even more to bemoan in upcoming episodes as TVLine has confirmed that season 3 villain Sebastian (Grant Gustin) will return in the upcoming episodes. Viewers will remember that Sebastian acted as Blaine's replacement in the warblers, and an eventual thorn in the coupling of Kurt and Blaine, even if love triumphed over all.

With Kurt and Blaine no more, however, and Blaine increasingly questioning his place within the McKinley High order, might it be time for the former Warbler to don the red-trimmed blazer and striped tie once more? And will Sebastian welcome him back with open arms (and hungry eyes)?

It's not yet known exactly when Gustin will return to the role, though it will take place sometime in the next run of episodes beginning November 8. Give us your theories on what else 'Glee' season 4 holds in store in the comments!

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