Now that FOX's 'Glee' has officially been picked up for an astonishing fifth and sixth seasons, it's a safe bet that series cornerstone Jane Lynch will be back, regardless of the character's recent exile. 'Glee's' recent controversial episode "Shooting Star" saw the character removed in such a manner that could very likely have proved permanent, so how will the show put Sue Sylvester back at McKinley High? Find out the latest from 'Glee' season 4 inside!

'Glee' characters may come and go, especially now that the FOX musical drama will transition into a fifth and sixth season, but we should never have expected the series to keep Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester down and out for long. Via TVLine, we've learned that the character will quickly bounce back from her McKinley High firing, in which she took the wrap for a student bringing a gun to school during the controversial "Shooting Star."

“I retreat to 23 Hour Fitness [to] teach aerobics,” Jane Lynch said of the return. “I’ve got a new lease on life, baby!” Sooner rather than later, Sue will return to "stalk" the school from the bleachers, singing a number from 'Annie' where “In this fantasy, I kill them all by the end of the song.” What a grand way to follow a school shooting episode.

Lynch will presumably return for the fifth season, if not the sixth, but it remains to be seen if the series will continue splitting its time between Ohio and New York. What say you? Are you glad Jane Lynch is sticking with 'Glee?' Check out the latest preview below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!