Just weeks ago all of 'Glee's' future had been in doubt, between Jane Lynch's controversial "Shooting Star" character exit, and the many contract renegotiations. Now, with season 4 officially in the can and seasons 5 and 6 guaranteed, 'Glee's' future seems secure save for one major cast member. Original series star Heather Morris has yet to resign a contract, and with her real-life pregnancy, could "Regionals" have been Brittany S. Pierce's last opus?

'Glee's' fourth season finale "All or Nothing" certainly divided critics, with its "catfishing" reveals and various marriage proposals, but one surprise seems to have truly caught fans off guard. Having been accepted to MIT (yeah, just go with it), fan-favorite character Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) literally and figuratively walked off into the sunset, seemingly reuniting with Santana (Naya Rivera).

Brittany's end might prove more final than not, however, as sources report that Heather Morris has yet to sign on for the FOX musical drama's fifth season. Morris herself announced her own pregnancy in April, leading many to suspect that 'Glee' fans days of Brittany-isms and "Fondue for Two" might truly be at an end.

It remains to be seen exactly how FOX plans to structure 'Glee's' fifth and sixth seasons between New York and Ohio, as with the fourth year overhaul, but what say you? Would you be sad to see Brittany go when 'Glee' picks up for a fifth season, or had the character run her course? Hit the comments with your own thoughts!