If you'd like to see more of the upcoming Xbox One- and PC-exclusive title, Titanfall, then watch this new behind-the-scenes video that gives us a look at the magic behind the mechs.

The team at Respawn Entertainment wanted to create a game that was unlike many of the other games out on the market today. They claimed a lot of new games are just rehashes of old ones and that they wanted to make something that was a totally new experience.

Steve Fukuda, director of Titanfall, cites the "unusual blend of this scale of Titans and pilots fighting each other," and the fact they've infused a single-player feel into a multiplayer game as two reasons why Titanfall will be an exciting game.

One of the team's goals was to change the way we see giant robots. The Titans are supposed to be fast and agile, as opposed to huge and lumbering. These behemoth machines are meant to be the ultimate evolution of battle tanks.

One of the biggest challenges was blending the Titan and pilot experiences so that they were seamless. The two experiences could even be their own separate games, so it's cool to see them combined.

Check out more of the crazy action in the game by watching the video above and then let us know what you think about the combination of Titan and pilot play.