'Godzilla 2' was announced almost immediately after the film opened earlier this summer. But, with director Gareth Edwards off directing one of the upcoming 'Star Wars' spinoffs, when would a 'Godzilla 2' even happen? Well, now we know the answer. Legendary Pictures has set a June 8, 2018 release date for their monster sequel.

It'll be a busy four years for Edwards who has his 'Star Wars' movie set to hit theaters on December 16, 2016 and will then have to find a way to turn around a 'Godzilla' sequel for June 2018. He told us back in May that he worked "non-stop for two years" on filming and post-production. He won't have that much time in between 'Star Wars' and 'Godzilla 2' so things could get hectic.

There's been a lot of speculation about which monsters would appear in 'Godzilla 2', especially after a Comic-Con teaser announced the arrival of Rodan, Ghidorah and Mothra. Legendary would later say that not all three monsters are expected to appear in 'Godzilla 2', just that they would be involved in the future of the franchise in some way. We'd have to guess that this sequel would have to feature Mothra (maybe Godzilla's most famous foe), but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Another question is whether 'Godzilla 2' will have a whole new human cast. We can't imagine Aaron Taylor-Johnson once again on the run from Godzilla in the sequel and frankly we wouldn't really want to. While we enjoyed 'Godzilla', the human characters weren't exactly a high point. This would be a good opportunity to reboot that aspect of the film that didn't work the first time around with another group of sympathetic humans.

What would you like to see out of a 'Godzilla 2'?