There's been a bit of rumbling about the upcoming 'Godzilla' remake this week, including the first news on which actor might take the lead -- and now comes word that 'Kick-Ass' star Aaron Johnson has been offered the part.

'Godzilla' has been front and center in the news this week, with word that Frank Darabont has been brought in to rewrite the script for director Gareth Edwards, the film's two original producers are being sued and forced off the project, and a few names have been tossed around as possibilities for the lead role, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who declined.

And now Deadline reports that the studio has put out an offer to Aaron Johnson, star of 'Kick-Ass' and 'Kick-Ass 2.' Johnson also recently starred opposite Keira Knightley in Joe Wright's adaptation of 'Anna Karenina,' so he's certainly got some leading man charisma. (As long as he doesn't bring that creepy mustache from 'Anna Karenina' with him.)

The film is set to begin production in March, so it looks like the studio needs to lock in a lead actor relatively quickly if they want to stay on schedule. Gareth Edwards showed a quick visual effects reel at Comic-Con last summer to stir up excitement, but until this week, little had been heard about the reboot.

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